Where did life come from on Earth?

Where did life come from on Earth? This is a common question asked by scientists, but it still doesn’t have a solid answer. There are a lot of theories, but today I will cover only the 3 most credible ones.

1. Life came from Mars.

It is thought that life came from Mars, as rocks that came from Mars have been discovered on Earth, and also because 2 elements that allow the precursors of life to form were been found on early Earth, but they were present on early Mars. Even though Mars isn’t a habitable place at the moment, but the Curiosity Rover found an ancient lake bed that had everything needed for life to form and evolve. This means that in the past Mars has been a habitable planet, but had died due to the absence of its magnetic field.

2. Life was brought here by a more evolved species.

There is a theory that says that life has been brought here by a more evolved species.  Evidence that has been found in ancient ruins and texts from places such as Peru, China, India, and Bolivia indicates the presence of an advanced species. Paintings from this places depict humans descending on Earth from ships and can be seen all over the world. If they were the same race as us, maybe they are still monitoring our planet…

3. Life simply appeared on Earth.

The first evidence of life has been found in Greenland, 3.7 billion years ago. Maybe life simply appeared on the bottom of the ocean and later evolved into all the species that are present today. Because the early Earth had little oxygen, the ozone layer was not present, and life could only develop on the bottom ocean. So, the first life was in the form of unicellular molecules, that later evolved into multicellular life, that slowly moved on land. And here we are, billions of year later, exploring the universe and its secrets.

Fun Facts: Did you know that scientist admitted that they don’t even have a good definition of life? Now this subject is even more mysterious than before!



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