The truth about light speed

Light Speed (obviously) is the speed that light travels at. It is unimaginably fast, traveling at 300.000 km/s (186282 m/s). Even though this seems very fast it still takes 8 minutes and 20 second for light to travel from the Sun to Earth. A light year is equivalent to the distance that light travels in 1 year.  This means that if we look at a star that is 10 light years away, we will see how that star looked 10 years ago. So, theoretically, we can see the past.

It is a known fact that nothing can be faster than light speed. But why? This can be explained with the help of Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Basically, the closer a particle is to the speed of light, the more energy it requires to go faster. This is because the particles get more massive in proportion to increased velocity. So, if you wanted a particle to reach the speed of light, you would need an infinite amount of energy, due to the particle being infinitely heavy. There isn’t simply enough energy in the Universe for this to happen.

The faster you are to the speed of light, the slower time passes to you compared to the objects that you are moving relatively to. I will not go into detail very much, because it would take a lot to explain why. For example, if you travel at 99.9% of the speed of light 1 hour that you experience would be 1 year on Earth. 

By orbiting a Black Hole like Sagittarius A, the one that is in the middle of our galaxy, you would make time go half as slow for you. So if you orbit the black hole for 20 years and then go back to Earth, those 20 years for you would be 40 years on Earth. 

So, to sum up, nothing can travel faster than light because the speed of light is thought as infinite speed. But who knows, maybe we will develop technology in the future that will let us travel faster than light…

Check out more about the theory of general relativity:

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2 thoughts on “The truth about light speed

  1. If you orbit Sagittarius A, time passes half as slow for you then it passes on Earth. The same applies to the ageing of our body. Orbiting Sagittarius A for 1 year would be equivalent to staying 2 years on Earth. Also, thanks for reading!


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